Bishop Baharagate’s Funeral Messages


Editor’s Note


Rev. Fr. Patrick Museveni

Editor In-Chief.

Tik tok… goes the sound of the clock! Time check 11:54 PM and it’s the 5th of April, 2023; bam, the obituary by the chancellor! It reads in part: “Dear People of God, the Bishop of Hoima Catholic Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Vincent Kirabo, with deep sorrow announces the death of Bishop Emeritus of Hoima Catholic Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Albert Edward Baharagate Akiiki…!”

On the spur of the moment, the implication was, “the last burning of the four candles from Uganda who were consecrated bishops during an open-air Mass at Kololo Terrace  by Pope Paul VI at the first Papal Visit to Uganda and in Africa on August 1, 1969 had thawed! Early sleepers woke up to heart-pain soaking news of the demise of the second bishop of Hoima, the gallant son of the land. Unbelievable!

In general, this news was received with a cold shiver, Curtains had rolled upon the majestic life of our shepherd, Akiiki of Happy memories; our beloved bishop whose dear name Albert Edward Baharagate wont be forgotten in Bunyoro – Tooro sub-regions and Uganda at large.

A thing never thought of: losing ‘our patriarch’ untimely had become reality as death had put Hoima asunder with Akiiki who will now onwards purely remain in happy memories. Orufu, rwesemereza!

Older persons on any homestead may appear as shadows, but their importance is sublime; needless to mention, greater than a padlock! When work intensifies, they too join in, they are assigned. We have lost a grandfather in the faith, a good shepherd who has served us with sacramental life, social company, priestly collegiality and magisterially up to his last leg of life.

Your Lordship, one thing consoles us that “at the end of every dark cloud, there is a silver lining.” There is sure hope that you are in a better place prepared for you by the good gracious God. Repose in the catapousis: it’s finer than in this world which is home to none.

I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. From now on there is reserved for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will give me on that day, and not only me, also to all who have longed for his appearing.” 2 Timothy 4:7-8.

We are grateful to God who lend us in you his gift of nurture, dear faithful servant Bp. Albert Edward Baharagate Akiiki. As we pray to God for your peaceful repose our God-given Shepherd, we are also grateful to Almighty for the 93 gracious years granted to you dear late Bishop Emeritus of Hoima!

In a spirit of gratitude we ha put up a fitting “Memorial Magazine” full of “educative, informative eulogies, pictorial and liturgical order of hymns for the funeral” all woven together in one piece.

I am grateful to Bishop Vincent Kirabo Amooti, the working committee constituting authority for according us an opportunity to serve. “It gives me joy to serve my Church in the foot steps of such great men who laid the foundation of this diocese.” I thank the Lord for making us worthy to stand in his presence and serve Him.

I thank fellow members of the organizing committee for the tireless efforts in coordinating, gathering, compiling and fine-tuning content and at the same time I thank everyone who has aided us in this cause; all institutions, individuals, cooperate bodies and government.

Finally, on behalf of the editorial, I have the pleasure to present to you this Memorial Messages and Pray, may the Soul of Our departed Bishop Emeritus Albert Edward Dr. Baharagate Akiiki rest in peace. Amen.

Be blessed!