Hoima Catholic Diocese currently comprises four Vicariates and 50 Parishes, the newest being Kagadi Vicariate created on 4 Dec 2020 and is headed by Msgr. Peter Kaberenge. The remaining three Vicariates are Kibaale Vicariates headed by Msgr. John Mary Kitone Kabyanga, Hoima Vicariate under Msgr. Mathias Nyakatura and Masindi Vicariate whose episcopal vicar is Msgr. Joseph Birungi Akiiki.

Bukuumi Parish


Bukuumi Catholic Parish started on 3 May 1894.


It covers an area of 602 square miles.

Fr. Augustine Achte, Br. Tobi are the founders of Bukuumi Catholic Parish

The way the people in the Central Region of Uganda welcomed the Good News gave the White Fathers enthusiasm to embark.

On spreading the same Good News to the Western part of Uganda

With the leadership of Fr. Augustine Achte and Br. Tobi this mission was set on course. Their point of arrival in western Uganda was Kitanda hill on 3rd May 1894. In the same month they found another hill next to Kitanda upon which they established the first mission base which they named NOTRE DAME GARDE where the current name Bukuumi is derived from as “protection by the Blessed Virgin Mary- Our Lady of Good Custody.”

Behold the list of Bukuumi founders and successors/ Priests who have served in Our Lady of Good Custody Parish, Bukuumi respectively.


1.      Fr. Augustine Achte
2.      Fr. Climent
3.      Fr. Ray Lavallei
4.      Fr. Woula
5.      Fr. J.H. Menard
6.      Fr. H. Moreton
7.      Fr. Hassel
8.      Fr. J. Delay
9.      Fr. H. Massol
10.  Fr. Conaughton
11.  Fr. H. Belland
12.  Fr. Adrien Farmer
13.  Fr. J. Deroux
14.  Fr. Swasso de Lima de Prado
15.  Fr. D. Quillier
16.  Fr. H.M. Grandmaison
17.  Fr. Eugine Lorange
18.  Fr. Pasedis
19.  Fr. Roche
20.  Fr. G. Chandron
21.  Fr. J. Gromagelia
22.  Fr. Edward Gres
23.  Fr. H. Blanc
24.  Fr. G. verhoeven
25.  Fr. G. Fassion
26.  Fr. Simon
27.  Fr. Cabana
28.  Fr. Maurizio
29.  Fr. Lautoure
30.  Fr. Edward De Balese
31.  Fr. Van Assch
32.  Fr. Corcoran
33.  Fr. De Belsir Edward
34.  Fr. De Visser
35.  Fr. Sehuff
36.  Fr. Edward Fei
37.  Fr. Van Wees
38.  Fr. S. Salles
39.  Fr. Menandaio
40.  Fr. Houssin
41.  Fr. Lloddin
42.  Fr. V. Wees
43.  Fr. Touple
44.  Fr. Moullec
45.  Fr. Y. Pacon
46.  Fr. Pallers
47.  Fr. Sallers
48.  Fr. Bec
49.  Fr. Le Tobie
50.  Fr. Lallers
51.  Fr. Borrel
52.  Fr.  Baziy
53.  Fr. Louguenet
54.  Fr. Lesbros
55.  Fr. Bagiu
56.  Fr. Brassac
57.  Fr. Lautoer
58.  Fr. Fassiono
59.  Fr. Gori
60.  Fr. Vaneerlrick
61.  Fr. Beanchamp
62.  Fr. Egain
63.  Fr. Stephan
64.  Fr. Mallet
65.  Fr. Marney
66.  Fr. Lawour
67.  Fr. Paul Kalanda
68.  Fr. Andrew Bakiika
69.  Fr. Emmanuel Nsubuga
70.  Fr. Antonio Njogerere
71.  Fr. J.B Muswalenzi
72.  Fr. Serapio Wamala
73.  Fr. Paulo Eribankya
74.  Fr. Heneriko
75.  Fr. John Mary Bukenya Biri
76.  Msgr. Emmanuel Wandera
77.  Fr. Ssemate Kamili
78.  Fr. Joseph Nyonyintono
79.  Fr. Joseph Musoke
80.  Fr. Charles Nkende
81.  Fr. Matayo Balyebuga
82.  Fr. Magadu John
83.  Fr. Joseph Bukya
84.  Fr. Deogratias Byabazaire
85.  Fr. John Mary Kitone Kabyanga
86.  Fr. Joseph Lule
87.  Fr. Philip Balikuddembe
88.  Fr. Boneventure Kyaligonza
89.  Fr. Joseph Wasswa
90.  Fr. Paul Mirera
91.  Fr. George William Ssebadduka
92.  Fr. Vincent Kirabo
93.  Fr. Ndyanabo Matia Mulumba
94.  Fr. Deo Zziwa
95.  Fr. Christopher Mpoza
96.  Fr. Augustine Mukumbya
97.  Fr. Julius Basasira
98.  Fr. Constantine Gasana
99.  Fr. Raphael Kyeyune
100.                      Fr. Marcerus Nkuzibwa
101.                      Fr. Edward Ssebowa
102.                      Fr. Augustine Babyesiza
103.                      Fr. Robert Mugisa
104.                      Fr. John Bosco Batiika
105.                      Fr. Joseph Birungi
106.                      Fr. Ssozi George William
107.                      Fr. Francis Kyaligonza
108.                      Fr. Isidore Karinizabo
109.                      Fr. Matia Kyaligonza
110.                      Fr. John Mary Kugonza
111.                      Fr. John Baptist Kisembo
112.                      Fr. Godfrey Makumbi
113.                      Fr. Godfrey Kirabo
114.                      Fr. Deogratias Sserunjogi
115.                      Fr. Francis Komakech
116.                      Fr. Godfrey Kalema
117.                      Fr. Boniface Bamanya
118.                      Fr. Patrick Mugisa
119.                      Fr. Robert Ssegujja
120.                      Fr. Gerald Byaruhanga
121.                      Fr. James Aliomu Sabiti
122.                      Fr. Peter Wasswa
123.                      Fr. Jerome Kabuubi
124.                      Fr. Francis Banura
125.                      Fr. Peter Bakaaye
126.                      Fr. John Mary Mbabazi
127.                      Fr. Patrick Aliguma


Bukuumi Catholic Parish being the first Catholic Mission to be established in the western part of Uganda and the eldest Parish in the Diocese of Hoima, it has given birth to other Parishes such as Kakumiro Parish, Kasambya Parish, and St. Andrea Kaahwa Kooki Shrine to mention but a few.

After 127 years of existence, these are some of the Priests born in Bukuumi Parish:-

Fr. Joseph Nyonyintono (R.I.P)

Fr. Raphael Nkuuna (R.I.P)

Fr. Joseph Wasswa (R.I.P)

Fr. Paul Mirera (R.I.P)

Fr.  Henry Mugumira (R.I.P)

Fr. Philip Balikuddembe

Fr. Charles Kakooza

Fr. Posiano Kisembo

Fr. Joseph Twase

Fr. Bob Mathias Kyaligonza

Fr. Godfrey Zziwa

Fr. John Bosco Musinguzi (Missionary Priest incardinated Nyundo Diocese in Rwanda)

Fr. Noah Monday

Currently Bukuumi Catholic Parish has 20,333 Catholics.(as of July, 2022)

These are the Education institutions which have been set up in Bukuumi Catholic Parish which currently has 21 out stations.

Catholic founded and government aided primary schools

  1. Andrew’s Bukuumi Boy’s primary school
  2. Our lady of Lourdes Bukuumi Girls primary school
  3. Kitanda primary school
  4. Kibijjo primary school
  5. Kizito primary school nkooko
  6. Kitegura primary school
  7. Isunga primary school

Catholic founded primary schools but privately funded

  1. Peter nursery and primary school
  2. Anthony nursery and primary school
  3. Rittah nursery and primary school
  4. Mary’s nursery and primary school, Kyabasaijja
  5. Francis nursery and primary school, Kibijjo
  6. Mary’s nursery and primary school, Kibijjo
  7. Joseph primary school, Kibijjo
  8. Christ the King primary school, Nyabingoora
  9. Mary’s nursery and primary school, Nkooko
  10. Mary’s nursery and primary school, Rubumbo
  11. Michael cannan nursery and primary school, Rutooma
  12. Young angels nursery and primary school, Rusimbi
  13. Anna nursery and primary school, Kitanda

Catholic founded and government aided secondary school

  1. Joseph’s secondary school, Nkooko
  2. Edwards secondary school, Bukuumi

Vocational institute

Hekima Vocation school, Kitanda.

These are the current projects being implemented in Bukuumi Parish

  1. Eucalyptus plantation
  2. Coffee plantation 10 acres
  3. Banana plantation 10 acres
  4. Cattle farm 20 heads