Bishop Vincent Kirabo Amooti

The Rt. Rev. Vincent Kirabo was appointed Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hoima, Uganda by Pope Francis on 30th, November 2015.

Bishop Kirabo was born on October 1st, 1955. After primary school in Kahunde and ‘O’ level at St. John Bosco Minor Seminary Hoima, he began philosophical studies at the Uganda Martyrs’ National Major Seminary Alokulum in Gulu. After having completed theological studies at St. Mary’s National Seminary in Ggaba, he was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Hoima on 9th September 1979.


On 28 Feb 2016, during his Ordination and Installation as Bishop Ordinary of Hoima, Archbishop Paul Kamuza Bakyenga humourously noted that, “Bishop Kirabo like his name is indeed Ekirabo (gift) from God to us following the Holy Father’s three day-Visit to Uganda” from 27 – 29 Nov 2015.

Bishop Kirabo served as teacher at St. John Bosco Minor Seminary, Hoima (1979-1988), Director of the Diocesan Commission for Vocations (1985-1988), Parish Priest at Muhorro Parish (1990), Rector of St. John Bosco Minor Seminary in Hoima (1991-1992), Diocesan Financial Administrator (1992-1997), Parish Priest of Buseesa Parish (1998-2003), Parish Priest of Katulikire Parish (2007-2008), Professor and Financial Administrator of Uganda Martyrs’ National Major Seminary Alokulum (2008-2012) and Professor at St. Mary’s National Major Seminary Ggaba (2012 till 2015).

Bishop Kirabo holds a Masters in Education from the University of Portland, USA (1990) and a Licentiate in Biblical Theology from the Urban University in Rome (2007). The consecration of Bishop Vincent Kirabo took place on February 28th, 2016 at Hoima Cathedral in Hoima Municipality, Hoima District.


Date Age Event Title
1 Oct 1955   Born
9 Sep 1979 23.9 Ordained Priest Priest of Hoima, Uganda
30 Nov 2015 60.1 Appointed Bishop of Hoima, Uganda
28 Feb 2016 60.4 Ordained Bishop Bishop of Hoima, Uganda