Social Communication Department

Welcome to the Social Communication Department in Hoima Catholic Diocese. Below is a summary of the background, mission statement, structure, aims and objectives of the department, media activities as well as future plans.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Social Communications Department is: “to form an effective and efficient communication net-work in order to facilitate integral evangelization through dialogue and exchange of important information to all stake-holders in Hoima Diocese.”

Administrative Structure:

The structure top-down is as follows:

> The Diocesan Bishop/ Administration
> The Communications Board
> The Diocesan Executive Secretary
> The Communications Staff (section leaders)
> The Community agents/ coordinators.

Aims and objectives:

To provide a communications component to all pastoral activities, ministries and associations in the Diocese.
To create and develop an effective and efficient Diocesan communications network for the timely and immediate transfer of all important social as well as pastoral information to all stake-holders.
To create, develop and employ both traditional (cultural) as well as modern media so as to engage a multi-media approach in order to facilitate the process of social communication and integral evangelization of all community members.
To provide professional coverage, that is; in words and images for all important Diocesan and institutional events and functions.
To be a resource centre as well as an archive for all diocesan communication needs. For instance; religious books, church music, sacramentals, public address system and related services.
To create avenues for sensitization of all stake-holders and the entire community on media related facts like media education, ethical standards and media law.
To act as public relations office for the diocese.
To provide both the horizontal (community based) as well as vertical (hierarchical) communication network so as to avail the people of God at all levels with the important pastoral and social communication.

With the above objectives in mind, it important to note that communications department is engaged in various media activities. These include: Radio Maria apostolate, a diocesan periodical bulletin known as; “Eka Yaitu”, a secretarial bureau, a Catholic book shop, a Christian religious shop or canteen and media education which involves workshops.