Education Department


Education services are one of the key services provided to the people of God in Hoima Catholic Diocese through the Education Department of the Diocese. The mission of the Catholic Church to provide education to all people originates from her very nature: the Church is entrusted by Christ with the mission to educate. She has received from Him the right and duty to help men and women to attain integral development through a process of education in all its dimensions. At all stages of growth of the human person, the Church wants to provide an education which is “integral”, whereby all dimensions of the person are promoted according to the project for which Christ is the foundation and model.

Following this argument, just as it is its very nature and mission, the Catholic Church in Hoima Diocese, shows great concern to teach and to educate all God’s people. Through the education department of Hoima Catholic Diocese, we encourage and facilitate (as much as possible) access to quality education for all. As a fruit of this service, Hoima Catholic Diocese has founded at least a total of 453 educational institutions classified as follows:

  • Pre-primary schools (97)
  • Primary Schools (292)
  • Secondary Schools (Post-primary) (55)
  • Tertiary and Vocational Training Institutes (09)


These institutions of learning are distributed throughout the geographical area of Hoima Catholic Diocese, which today covers all the Seven districts of Bunyoro Sub-region (Mid-Western Uganda): Kagadi, Kibaale, Kakumiro, Hoima, Buliisa, Masindi and Kiryandongo; with an estimated population of 2,037,325 people (as per the 2014 census results).

Some of the above Catholic founded institutions are government aided while many others are purely private. Many youths (at least 60% of the more than two million people in Hoima Diocese are youths); in the diocese find home in these educational institutions in search of quality education. Students are admitted to these institutions without segregation on grounds of religion, race or sex.

The presence of the Catholic Church in these institutions encompasses not only establishing the schools, but also quality control through participation in the building and implementation of the different curricula; advocacy as well as coordination of the efforts of the other main stakeholders; and regular supervision to ensure maintenance of standards. In addition, because of the changing social, political and economic (for example, the growing oil industry in the area) environment, the Church has to constantly, interface with the government and other stakeholders to develop the project of education that gives the youths such skills that will enable them to live a meaningful life in such a dynamic environment. The department of education of the Hoima Catholic Diocese also participates in the formation of the human resource by conducting such training workshops for administrators, managers and teachers of different schools, and parents as people called to cooperate with the school according to their duty of being responsible for educating their children. Below are some of the Diocesan founded secondary schools:

St. Andrea Kaahwa Senior Secondary School,
P.O. Box 153, HOIMA. Tel. 0465 4 40053

Fatima College Munteme,
P.O. Box 130, HOIMA.

St. Thomas More Senior Secondary School Kitana,

St. Theresa Girls’ Secondary School, Nyamigisa,
P.O. Box 20, MASINDI. Tel. 0465 4 20199.

St. Paul’s Secondary School, Pakaanyi,
P.O. Box 140, MASINDI.


St. Edward’s Senior Secondary School, Bukuumi,
P.O. Box 507, KAKUMIRO.

St. Adolf Senior Secondary School, Muhorro,
P.O. Box 81, KAGADI.

St. Mary’s Senior Secondary School, Kinyarugonjo,
P.O. Box 948, KABISO, Hoima.

Uganda Martyrs Senior Secondary School, Mugalike,
P.O. Box 900, KABISO, Hoima.

St. Kizito Senior Secondary School, Kibeedi.
P.O. Box 11, KAGADI.

St. Albert Senior Secondary School, Kakindo,
P.O. Box 377, HOIMA.

St. Kirigwaijjo Senior Secondary School, Bujuni,
P.O. Box 91, KARUGUUZA via Mubende.

Uganda Martyrs Centenary SSS Kakumiro,
P.O. Box 524, KAKUMIRO.

St. Cyprian Senior Secondary School, Butema,
P.O. Box 229, HOIMA.

St. Balikuddembe Senior Secondary School, Kasambya,
P.O. Box 508, KAKUMIRO.

St. Mary’s Senior Secondary School, Magoma,
P.O. Box 100, HOIMA.

Blessed Comboni Senior Secondary School, Kigumba,
P.O. Box 20, KIGUMBA.

St. Charles Lwanga Senior secondary School, Kahunde,
P.O. Box 11, KAGADI.

St. Andrea’s Kitoba High School,
P.O. Box 34, HOIMA.

St. Mary Margaret Girls Secondary School, Muhorro,
P.O. Box 15, Kisweka, HOIMA.

St. Francis Xavier Modern SSS, Kinyarugonjo,
P.O. Box 948, KABISO, Hoima.

Notre Dame Academy Secondary School Buseesa,
P.O. Box 314, MUBENDE.

Christ the King Vocational Secondary School, Mpasaana,
P.O. Box 100, HOIMA.

St. Catherine Secondary School, Kicucura,
P.O. Box, HOIMA.

St. Andrea Kaahwa’s Comprehensive Schools Kooki,
P.O. Box 541, Kakumiro.

Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta,
P.O. Box 44, Kigumba

Rev. Fr. Mugisa Patrick who is the Diocesan Education Secretary (DES) asserts that: the department of education sees to it that Catholic founded schools are organized in such a way that worship, spiritual care, counselling and social welfare services are possible. Still in the spiritual realm, it is of specific importance to the Catholic Education Department of the Diocese to organize programs for religious education and Christian Religious Education in schools, especially by designing a vibrant, interesting and relevant curriculum aimed at helping learners to discover their identity in God.



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