Pope Francis message to Kenya and Uganda ahead of his visit to East Africa

As I prepare to visit Kenya and Uganda, I send a word of greetings and friendship to you and your families. I look forward to this time we will have together.

I am coming as a minister of the Gospel to proclaim the love of Jesus Christ and his message of reconciliation, forgiveness and peace.

My visit is meant to confirm the Catholic community in its worship of God and its witness to the gospel which teaches the dignity of every man and woman and commands to open our hearts to poor and those in need.

At the same time I wish to encounter all the people of Kenya and Uganda and to offer everyone a word of encouragement.
We are living at a time when religious believers, and persons of good will everywhere, are called to foster mutual understanding and respect, and to support each other as members of our one human family.

A highlight of my visit will be my meetings with the young people who are your greatest resource and our most promising hope for a future of solidarity, peace and progress.
I know that many people are working hard to prepare for my visit and I thank them.

I ask everyone to pray that my stay in Kenya and Uganda will be a source of hope and encouragement of all.
Upon you and your families I invoke God’s blessing of joy and peace.

Watch the video of message below.